About the Boating Council

Jet Ski Club

The QRBC is the peak recreational boating organisation for the whole of Queensland with representatives from every sector of the industry and the associated government agencies representatives meeting monthly.

Delegates are invited from their area of expertise to sit on the Council to represent the interests of their sector.

Every member of the Boating community is invited to contact their Boating Council member to express their concerns or ideas for improvement for the usage of our Waterways.

The Jet Ski representative on the Council is Mandy Brown.

Please contact Mandy with any questions, suggestions or issues of concern regarding the use of waterways, infrastructure, rules and regulations, navigation improvements and general feedback to the authorities. These will be taken to the next meeting for discussion and action.

Jet Skiers are also invited to post their feedback below for discussion. From time to time opinions will be sought from the Jet Ski community for feedback also.

Mandy Brown
Second Chair
m. 0449 077 747