AJSA “Livin” Pirate Ride – Sunday 7th October 2018

Australian Jet Ski Assoc.

Join the AJSA and be a part of our awesome sport!
Ahoy there Jet Ski Pirates!

All be summoned t’ Pirate Isle on Sunday 7th October 2018 for the “LIVIN” Pirate Ride which coincides wit’ th’ start o’ th’ Queensland Mental Health Week.

Make sure ye wear yer best pirate gear fer th’ occassion.

Thar will be mornin’ tea ‘n a luncheon meals ‘n merriment t’ enjoy th’ day

Be ready fer th’ tug o’ war ‘n walkin’ th’ plank n thar will be Pirate ‘n Wench dancin’ competitions.

Best dressed Pirates will win awesome prizes in th’ followin’ categories

* Best Dressed Pirate

* Best Dressed Wench

* Best Dressed wee Pirates

* Best Dressed Pirates Jet Skis

So get t’ work on yer outfit ‘n start dress up yer Jet Skis

All th’ days runnin’ sheet info ‘n details will be provided upon boardin’ here.

Anyone wantin’ t’ sponsor th’ pirates should message us wit’ thar offer ‘ere.

th’ wretched Jet Ski TV will be filmin’ th’ day so brin’ only yer best Pirate attire depp

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Speak up here if ye be game t’ attend

All profits are going to the charity organisation Livin “It ain’t weak to speak”.



Australian Jet Ski Assoc.

Join the AJSA and be a part of our awesome sport!
Who knows where Pirate Isle be?

Join Us on Sunday the 7th of October ’18 For the AJSA “LIVIN” Pirates Jet Ski Ride!

Bookings are limited so secure your place here: www.ajsa.org.au/pirate



Jet Ski Club

2018 Pirate Ride Info Sheet

Sunday 7th October 2018

7-8am Meet & Greet at the Broadwater Parklands for all Pirates.

Wrist straps and Jet Ski Stickers will be issued upon arrival at the Southport Boat Ramp.

Address: Corner of Marine Parade and Stevens Street, Southport.

All Pirates have reserved parking on the oval for the event.

8.30 – Pre Ride Briefing. All Pirates must be there for the roll call.

9am – Departure from Southport Boat Ramp

The ride will travel along the Broadwater from Southport via Jumpinpin to Slipping Sands

The second leg will take in the views of Canaipa Passage on our way to Peel Island.

If it’s windy a second ride plan will be initiated to avoid rough water.

Morning Tea will be served and Pirate Games will begin

11am – All Pirates set sail for Pirate Island.

(Aka McLarens Landing on South Stradbroke)

Once all Pirates arrive a scrumptious lunch will be served and more Pirate Games will begin.

There will be prizes awarded for best dressed Pirates and best decorated Jet Skis.

Teams of Pirates will fight it out in a Tug of War for the annual Jet Skiing Pirates Bragging Rights!.

Those that don’t make the grade will be walking the plank or other Pirate ways.

There will be Pirate dancing, meals and merriment for all.

The event will end at around 2pm and all Pirates are welcome to stay for more merriment.

At around 3pm the AJSA we will make their way back to the Southport Boat Ramp with those that choose to go back with them.

The ride will cover up to 120kms which all 4 strokes can do on a full tank of fuel when ridden conservatively. The pace of the ride will be up to 70 km/h so it will be suitable for all Pirates who are licensed and experienced enough to ride a Jet Ski safely.

Book your tickets here: http://ajsa.org.au/product-category/livin-pirates-ride/



Fun First!
Book your tickets here: http://ajsa.org.au/product-category/livin-pirates-ride/

#livin #itaintweaktospeak @livinorg



Fun First!
Q. Where do Jet Skiin Pirates park?

A. Wherever they like!!! prte4

All Pirates - private parkin’ facilities info: http://ajsa.org.au/pirate/
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Australian Jet Ski Assoc.

Join the AJSA and be a part of our awesome sport!
All Jet Skiin’ Scallywags ‘n Buccaneers are called fer th’ 2018 Jet Ski Pirates merriment ‘n mystery.
Come ‘n rule th’ waves o’ th’ Gold Coast in yer sunday best Pirate Gear.
Only 2 weeks t’ go so book now! www.ajsa.org.au/Pirate
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Jet Ski Club

Wow! What a brilliant day we had wh

thx to everyone who joined in the FUN

It was certainly an extraordinary event to organise with Ben working like a man possessed to pull it all together.

It looks like an amazing amount of around $1K was raised for LIVIN in the process along to way so thank you all very much for your generosity to support this amazing community service.

Here is the photos from the day. The video looks like heaps of fun too and should be out by early next week.

Arrrrrr, until we Pirates meet again!



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That SeaDoo which looks like a ship is awsm

Do you have a new ride, Mandy? You were sitting on a blue SeaDoo in what pic.