ASF'S HUGE PLANS EXPOSED for Wavebreak Island - Nov 21st '14


Fun First!
Please find following an accurate summary of the real plans for Wavebreak Island.
On behalf of the Marine Action Group I'd like to add that we are not opposed to developments such as this. They are often excellent for the local area.

However therein lies the problem. This is our waterway and it's being taken away with no replacement possible. please sign the petition ASAP

The alternative plans to beautify our current open spaces and raise many 6 knot zones to 25 for easier access and provide areas to access even more cafes and reserves.

Lets get this development put where it belongs and where it is wanted by the community. Either off shore or Southport/Mermaid etc

Dear Friends,
Thank you for signing the petition Save Our Broadwater - Stop ASF before it is too late!, can you help spread the word by forwarding the link below to your friends?
ASF have finally had to reveal the massive extent of their uber city development plans & we thought you need to know this -
- 6750 apartments
- 2885 high rise hotel rooms
- exclusive villa/ marina accom on a northern sandbar they call 'moon island'
- 65,000 feet2 retail space
- 31,000 feet2 commercial space
commercial space
- casino plus 20 restaurants & 4 nightclubs
- ship terminal
They plan to dredge millions of m3 of the Broadwater to triple the size of Wave Break Island and to put a huge highrise on The Spit north of Versace.
The over-population, nightmare planning and disastrous enviro implications of this huge project are clear - and the wild economic benefits claimed are heavily critiqued by local experts due to adverse impacts upon the existing market and potential for use of foreign labour.
Can you please help by again reminding your friends, workmates and family to SIGN our petition before it is too late?
SHARE this link - so they can sign and send an email to the decision-makers.
We expect a decision within 2 months - at the outside - so time is short.

Many thanks,
the Community Team at Save Our Broadwater Inc
P.S RALLY Sun 7 Dec Southport Broadwater Parklands 11 AM