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Boat Ramps - What are the ideas and solutions?

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Hi everyone,

I'm sure if you're reading this you've been to a ramp or two in your'e time lovf

Over the last few weeks Queensland has suffered from the worst ramp congestion I have ever seen in my life.

To make it worse there is a 90 car trailer park, 4 lane boat ramp on the Broadwater sitting idle while the grass grows - SERIOUSLY!

In early December the council guys wanted to open it as it was functional just not pretty ( I have the photos to prove it) but the current Mayor Tom Take demanded that the grass looked pretty and he would open it as a part of his re-election campaign on the 22nd of January 2016 - Another two weeks.

Just to rub slat into that, there were many Cars with Trailers that had to park on the grassed edges at other ramps last weekend because of a lack of parks. They all received tickets (no doubt to pay for the pretty grass for the election campaign).

And to top it off most of the Cars that parked illegally in trailer parks never got a ticket.

This is much deeper impacting when it's the holiday season and people have worked so hard to have some great family time on the water. Many extending their budgets.

Having thought this through I feel we may be heading toward a situation where parks will need to be reserved for Cars launching Boats as a safety measure.

I personally launch solo frequently and now carry bollards to reserve myself a park. I spoke to the council about my strategy to see if they object and they advised it was a good idea.

If a Boat were to launch and the Skipper had to leave it to park the Car/trailer, only to find Cars had taken all of the parks unexpectedly while they launched, there would be some time where the Boat/Ski was left unattended perhaps with minors on board or others moving about it.

This could cause a dangerous situation if a Boat or Ski were to slip its anchor etc and become adrift.

I feel the Council may need to rethink the possibility of negligence of a ramp with no parking, or the duty of care to provide sufficient parking, and perhaps a method to reserve one whilst launching. If the council is negligent, it's probably going to be liable if an accident did occur.

So what is the answer to congested Boat Ramps?

Here are a couple of ways I've seen it assisted in Victoria;

1. Local residents of Mordialloc receive a permit to be displayed in the windscreen to use the local ramp park. All others have to pay to get a ticket to park.

2. St Kilda has a retiree on the gate of the Car Park issuing paid tickets as you launch. The funding pays for his attendance and the car park maintenance. It's a huge park and rarely fills.

3. Many Vic Parks have a spillover to lawned areas that open up when it's busy. This saves the maintenance of bitumen in down times and can accommodate every Boat in the state if required.

So whats the best solution?

How would you like to see your local ramp managed for parking?

If you have some ideas to share I'll put them forward for urgent consideration.

Your feedback could make a very big difference to the industry.

Thank you in advance.


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A good start would be for the police or council to start booking cars without trailers.. Redland bay is full of em.


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Hey McGuyver, I sent a report to Redland yesterday regarding this and the RV who now live at ramps.

Have you seen many RV's in Car Trailer Units (ctu's). They are looking for more feedback.


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Ring police link on 134444

I have done it at the grand ramp a few times

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Mandy said:
Hey McGuyver, I sent a report to Redland yesterday regarding this and the RV who now live at ramps.

Have you seen many RV's in Car Trailer Units (ctu's). They are looking for more feedback.
No Mandy can't seen any rVs. It's more the cars that park there and catch the ferries.

Have seen the coppers on occasion handing out tickets and other occasions just drive straight past


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Mr Tate

just hopes its a big problem just another resin for a cruise ship terminal problem fixed.

I was there at SeaWorld ramp Saturday coming out around 12 and it was FRRRRRKKKKEEEDDDD

Glad I go early to miss the QQQQQQQ



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RVs are more prevalent at the Wellington Point Rec area. this impacts on local car parking which then overflows to the car/trailer parking area. Personally I think the council are being disingenuous here. its been going on for years. All the Redland City Council has to do is cough up for a parking inspector's wage for the weekend and they'll make that ten times over in fines, and find out the extent of the problem. Different council, but same theme. there are always 20 or 30 cars parked in the trailer spots at Manly. Parking there is impossible outside of the car/trailer spots. on a typical weekend, you could easily have to park a kilometre or two from the ramp with a car and trailer. I'd be happy to distribute a few wheel clamps on behalf of the council if they like.

what if they set up a simple forum where we could take a snapshot and the council sends a them an invoice for the inconvenience? hd1 as long as the picture contains a GPS ref and time/date they could send an invoice for $50 or something. between us we would easily get a few hundred per weekend - wouldn't take long for word to get around.


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I heard of a great way of dealing with Ramp congestion yesterday.

Many of the large Boating Clubs encourage "newbies" to roster on for "ramp duty".

In some clubs it's mandatory for the first two years.

They soon learn about launching and retrieving all sorts of Boats and the process is much faster so congestion clears.

Maybe we could have a Jet Ski culture to help each other whenever possible? I do see a fair bit of this already.


The number of cars at the seaworld ramp is crazy..
Why they aren't booked I have asked council and they always say they will look into it.

They booked me for parking on the grass in tallai on a sunday night in front of an acreage property... im guessing the mayor lives in tallai.

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Yup, you're right on all occasions I think.

The failure of the anti boating Gold Coast Council will get sorted at the upcoming elections I hope. lovf


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We were at SeaWorld ramp there is now a sign trailer area only but didn't seem to stop any cars

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Nothing is going to stop people parking their cars in trailer parking unless they feel it in the hip pocket.

The council really needs to enforce this consistently so it becomes a habit to not park there.


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Rather fine you for parking on grass maybe there smoking it lol

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