Crikey Steve Irwin's Jet Ski - Fundraising Auction!


Fun First!
The Irwin family have donated Steve’s much-loved Jet Ski for an ebay auction to raise funds for Wildlife Warriors’ biggest project, the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital that has treated over 58,000 native animals to date.

Used by Steve himself to entertain Bindi and Robert on their croc trips up north or to head out in the ocean to rescue a sick or injured animal, the Jet Ski has some great Irwin family memories attached to it. This is a great opportunity to own a part of iconic Australian memorabilia and make your own family memories!

The Jet Ski will be on display in Australia Zoo from August 1 – August 9, so come check it out next time you visit.

Head here for more info and happy bidding!



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This little thing is immaculate! My mate had it at his workshop for service and checking over prior to the charity. Its basically a brand new gpr It had less than 10hrs on it.

Would make a good base for a Turbo GPR SHO......Hey Mandy love

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Fun First!
Lol, that would be an awesome project bvr

btw, hows that SHO of your's going? When are we going to see it out and about!