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Gold Coast Waterways Authority - Ol' Mate Tom Tates Puppets


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RE: Jet Ski Ban from Broadwater, Gold Coast

Right, Here's the bottom line.

1. This is not a Jet Ski issue. It's an enforcement issue. Those of you who know me as a foundation member from the incorporation of Save Our Broadwater know that the majority of Jet Skiers are hard working, community minded, law abiding, and family orientated people.
There are members of society who are not.
They are not just riding Jet Skis but also driving on the road.
On the road there are police and speed cameras to apprehend them.

When was the last time anyone observed a Police presence anchored in the Southern end of the Broadwater? I have seen them pass through many times and everything goes quiet for the duration of their visit.
I have reported this fact to representatives of the GCWA many times and asked for an anchored presence.
Last weekend I observed a water police on his own on a Jet Ski keep an overcrowded Moogerah Dam completely safe for everyone. His presence was extremely effective. This proves it works.

2. I have offered a solution to representatives of the GCWA and MSQ which is working extremely well in other parts of Queensland and around the world as follows;

When waterways are congested from great weather, holidays, weekends etc the risk assessment is much higher for a collision between waterway users such as swimmers, Jet Skis, SUP's, Divers, Tubing, 40 foot Cruisers and tourist operators.
The same waterway is often deserted on Monday mornings.

Instead of singling out user groups and impacting accessibility to the entire area for everyone, why not have a speed limit of 6 knots within the entire problem area (South of Wavebreak) for busy times?

It could work very well for holiday seasons and weekends in summer. It adds around 10 minutes to the time of travel between Wavebreak to the existing 6 knot zone.
There is no down side and very simple to enable.

I recently visited Noosa where this strategy is utilised brilliantly and it was magnificent to enjoy the beautiful peaceful scenery while making way to the open water.
Coupled with an anchored Police vessel I am certain the entire southern Broadwater area would be safe for everyone to enjoy - as it should be.
This is what we pay taxes for isn't it?
Imagine Cars being banned from passing Schools due to accident statistics?
No! - Speed limits and police presence are utilised and it works.

I can’t tell you how many Boaties and Jet Skiers don’t visit the area any more as its too dangerous. We've already been driven out by a lack of enforcement.

3. Here is what I believe is really going on.

Given the strategy in (2) is well known to be successful you have to think through; What is the motivation to remove a user group that is represented by 1 in 4 people in the Northern Gold Coast area and is out registering new Boats at close to 3-1 ???

This is a large part of the votes so politically it would be suicide unless you have a bigger plan?

Lately we are seeing another questionable decision from GCWA to remove the Seaway tower. They have provided a solution of utilising extremely good camera technology as a substitute and I believe that the Rescue organisations (VMR & Coast Guard) should make the call on its suitability to save lives.

However we are looking at a couple of organisations that are extremely starved of operating funds, equipment and disposable dollars to replenish equipment that is very expensive, to operate effectively.

So if some equipment were in need?, and whilst the tower was considered extremely important for safety BUT the need for other equipment was just a bit more important for safety, in other words the tower could be lived without if compensation was allowed for equipment purchasing, then the rescue services (if) they had a lack of support for the tower, could be misread.

Now, lately we have seen the GCCC and GCWA moving towards welcoming super Yachts to the Gold Coast. I love them too.

So let’s look into the future to say 2019.
There are no more Jet Skis. There is no Seaway Tower. There are heaps of Super Yachts visiting the Spit area.

Now try to STOP the apartments and hotels being built for the owners of the super yachts that will be living above their moorings!!!
There will be no safety argument, no people behind it (as the user groups effected most are gone) and NO MORE SPIT.

So again, as we did to save Wavebreak last time, we need to pull together just as we did before.

Don't fall for the Wolves in Sheeps clothing. Old Mate Tate is just taking a slightly longer road to a fully built out Spit with a Cruise Ship terminal, multi high rise buildings and hotels with Casinos operating in yen.

I call for a meeting with SOS, SOB, Geko and all members of our community to come together (just like we did in June 2014) and demand better law enforcement immediately. We need to act before the first leg of the long way home for old Mate falls.

Btw, I will say I do support some bans though.
I have suggested that anyone caught hooning or riding too close to the shore, other vessels or swimmers should be banned personally (not a whole population) indefinitely from the area. Confiscate the poor Jet Ski too.

Yes, the legislation already exists to protect us all.
6 knots within 60m of everything. Swimmers, other Boats etc.
We all watch this being broken all day, every weekend.
I get (almost daily) global reports of tragedies on Jet Skis. Every one of them (except for a few medical issues such as heart attack or lack of helmet) are caused by distance off being breached.
I've survived (touch wood) for thousands of riding hours without an incident. Except for racing I have never breached distance off as it's the best way to have an accident.
I asked a rep of GCWA, when was the last recorded breach of distance off penalised?
I believe it may have been once, many years ago.
This is a set up.
If there is no infringements issued why the Ban - What are we being distracted from?
They are leaving the hoons alone to encourage them to make us all look bad and consequently remove us from the area to start laying out the concrete jungle.
Our heavy involvement in saving Wavebreak probably set this up years ago.
Now we need the general public to support us and our sport in turn.
Otherwise start getting ready for the bulldozers to move in and take our beautiful spit forever.

We are about to have the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.
This is something that as a community we are all extremely proud of, excited about and dedicated to making it the best Games ever.

It would be untimely to call for the GCWA to be stood down at this time as we need a very strong and stable enforcement environment. Especially on the water.
However if these ridiculous antagonistic ignorant throwaway comments aren’t retracted very soon after the Games this is exactly what we will be petitioning for.

If the Minister for Transport and Main Roads, Mark Bailey doesn’t stand them down on grounds of incompetence and gross negligence he ought to go to. I will send him an email cl

Why are the GCWA there anyway??
We already have too many layers of government between Local, State and Federal government. Why does the Gold Coast need its own separate government department?

Because it has old Mate, Tommy Tate driving the Cruise Ship terminal band wagon that’s why!

Mandy Brown
0449 077 747


Fun First!
The Gold Coast Boaties are under siege from an incompetent GCWA

GCWA is simply a Tom Tate clean up “eleimator”

First there was the live-aboards getting in the way of the planned high speed Ferrys going to and from the Spit & Wavebreak Casinos, Hotels & Apartments – They’re gone.
Next it’s the Boats and Jet Skis fighting to keep the space to pull up and enjoy a day on the water – So in comes the GCWA to get rid of them.
Next it’s time to get rid of the rescue services as they will want access past the Casinos and Hotels so they better go
After they are gone – it’s a cakewalk to develop both Wavebreak and the Spit – Let there be no mistake.