Grand Theft Wavebreak / Save Our Spit


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Hi Everyone,
Wondering who else is planning on attending this event by ski. Was thinking of going for a while and thought there would be no better way to show our love for the Broadwater than by arriving using it! Will just be my dad and I doing so and we will most likely launch at the Seaworld ramp. If anyone else had the same thought than feel free to join us and we can arrive as a team! ag Maybe go up to tipplers for a snack after.
John L



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We'll be there John. Just look for the 2 Ultras. Tipplers for breakky sounds like the go mcsm
The wind looks like it will be coming from the West a little do if it is we should be able to go around Straddie shk rotflmao


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Hey John and Mandy,

I'll be there also for the protest ag. I'm going out for the JSW brpvyam xmas ride at 8am around Straddie then to Tippler's for breaky mcsm. After that down to Southport parklands for the save the spit/wavebreak jk1 event then if weather still good afc, meeting up with some mates to jump some waves Oceanside sf1. Hope to see you out there ml1


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Sounds great Mandy,
Will speak to dad and perhaps we can organise a time and ride as a group?! We are still new to the Ski community and would be great to meet the name behind the face.
Regards John

Jet Ski Club

Thank you for your wonderful help in this very tough campaign so far. We are at the point end.

A few important reminders as we are at a critical stage:
1. RALLY THIS SUNDAY 11 AM Southport Broadwater Parklands (opposite Aust Fair)
Please make it your ABSOLUTE mission to come along early bringing friends & family - numbers are critical to show the Queensland State Government that our community wants to protect our Broadwater, not ruin it with a massive high rise city built by foreign developers! We need you now!

2. GROW PETITION - our 7000 signatures is so great - but we need to be 'greater-er-er'...
Please share again via social media and email - it's quick easy & effective - plus you can download a hardcopy petition from , collect sigs and enter them yourself OR scan/ email them to us for entry - at


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Not a problem am happy to help a great cause. Weather permitting we will be at the boat ramp past seaworld at around 8. If too gloomy then will go by car to the rally. Had a great day out on the water today although conditions weren't exactly ideal.


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awsm turn out yesterday thx everyone for taking the time in the cranky ol' weather to show your support.

It was certainly a melting pot yesterday. There were of course many that would prefer the development not to go ahead at all - which is their prerogative.

However I think most people kind of share the thought that this would be an awesome development for the Gold Coast as long as its either Off Shore (this has been costed and is a cheaper option) or up in Southport which has become a wasteland.

Either way, as long as the Seaway doesn't get blocked off for Skis and Wavebreak is ours to use for shelter and jibber jabber on windy days I'm happy wh


blma It was great to be able to ride out from the Grand around Wavebreak and onto the Save Our Broadwater Rally with the freedom that we are accustomed to.

There is no way that I would like to see this go because of a few individuals that have become a paid voice for ASF. shk
Development has it's place just not on wavebreak!


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Re: NOW AN ELECTION ISSUE Grand Theft Wavebreak / Save Our Spit

A letter from the "Save Our Broadwater Association"


Hello dear supporter,
Thank you for your wonderful help in this very tough campaign so far. We are at the pointier end... so a few vital matters you need to know...
1. RALLY a Great Success :)
A week ago, over 3000 people packed the Southport Broadwater Parklands to protest against the State Govt ASF mega development all over our Broadwater. The rally was an extraordinary history making event and the State, though not sending even one local MP to attend, got a very loud message.
2. THEN the State's Politically Cowardly Response...
Just two days later, Deputy Premier Seeney announced that the decision to proceed the ASF development would not, as promised, be made now - it is suddenly DELAYED until after the as yet unnannounced State election.
Even the Gold Coast Bulletin describes this as an 'insult to our intelligence' (Editorial, 12/12). It is a blatant attempt to neutralize the issue and to avoid an electoral backlash. At a time when 'dozens' of State seats will be in serious contention (Sunday Mail 14/12) the massive Broadwater city development proposals by ASF and the effective privatisation of public open space and waterways is NOW a huge electoral issue on the Gold Coast and beyond.
If the Broadwater can be stolen from the people by this Newman State Govt, then there is no public land, reef, waterway or beach safe from mega development in the state of Queensland.
3. Next, GROW OUR PETITION & email decision-makers
Numbers count, and are vital if we are to win. 7,800 signatures is so great - but we need to be 'greater-er-er'...
We URGE our supporters to please apply political pressure via the following:
• Sign and share our PETITION
• EMAIL, call & visit the decision-makers
• RALLY when needed
• VOTE THEM OUT, as they cannot be trusted to save the Broadwater post election
Please share the petition link again via social media and email - it's quick, easy & effective - plus you can download a hardcopy petition from, collect signatures offline and enter them yourself OR scan/ email them to us for entry at
Make it your Christmas dinner & holiday bbq mission to get friends and family signed up and on board!
4. The Known Statistics/ Facts
ASF plan to dredge 6 million cubic metres from the Broadwater (2 x Abbott Point volume) & will use 5 million cubic metres to triple the size of Wave Break Island to 90 hectares, bringing it around 100 metres from the western shoreline. The development entails many many high rises up to 50 storeys in height, 6750 apartments, 2885 hotel room in 6 high rise hotels, private villas on a dredge-enhanced Carter's Bank just north of WaveBreak- renamed 'Moon Island', three private marinas, a huge 65,000 square metres of retail space, 32000 square metres of commercial space, casino and ship terminal. It will cater for over 20,000 people and their cars - with one four lane bridge flowing into Labrador.
PLUS ASF want to construct one huge 30 storey hotel, marina development - just north of Versace - on The Spit.
To put this in a local context, it is twice Main Beach in built development, the Sheraton Mirage has only 300 hotel rooms and Harbour Town has approx 48,000 m2 of retail. We have estimates of over 30 high rises exceeding 30 storeys. It is a massive "mini Dubai", built the developer states "for the Chinese market".
All over OUR Broadwater.
5. Thank you, Happy Holidays & Fire Up!
Thank you again dear supporter for helping us to force the State Government & our local Council to understand that our Broadwater is NOT for sale. It's for the people and nature - NOT foreign developers.
We continue this very tough fight every day - until we win.
AND finally, of course, we wish you and your loved ones the happiest of Christmastimes - ENJOYING our beautiful Broadwater amongst the glassy waters, abundant marine and birdlife & wide open public spaces in the heart of our city - we are truly lucky!
Thanks again & our best regards,
Save Our Broadwater Team <3
Twitter @BroadwaterOur
Donate bsb 484799 acct 606 361 706
Call us 0411 042 830