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Jeff Fakeford – Fake news expert


Fun First!
Jeff Fakeford – Fake news expert

Thank you to all those who have contacted me recently to voice their disgust at Jeff Lakefords Facebook post of fake news.

Whilst we rarely waste time on such rubbish there have been many of you who feel it’s necessary to expose him for what he is – A jealous bully with a school boy maturity.

Therefore I have decided to redress it so none of our many friends have to.

A few days ago Jeff posted a photo taken by a friend of ours, that Jeff took from Facebook.

It was of me riding Nigel’s Ski while Nigel took photos off Moreton Island. I tied my ski to the back.

Jeff alleges my Ski had broken down which it hadn’t. He alleges that having a broken ski is particularly disgraceful as we run a Service workshop.

LMAO, Well when you ride around 200 hours a year with your mates a Jet Ski breaking down is hardly unusual!

This false statement has infuriated those that were with us and I can understand why. It’s a plain straight out lie.

Coincidently, just on break downs I did begin to roll a sprag clutch on the way home that day but made it easily. Yamahas are well known for this,

especially at over 80mph. This was my 31st sprag clutch and it now runs it’s 32nd. Modifications aren’t for the faint heated at around $1k each.

And while we’re on it I changed the carbone seal on the PX only a couple of weeks ago too as yes- the Seadoo was taking on water. No surprises there either.

If you have a read of Jet Ski Best Practices I go into these issues in detail and explain that they are all capable of being painful at some stage!

Now back to this undisputed looser. wsle

Over the last couple of years he has tried to carbon copy everything we do at Jet Ski TV and Jet Ski Club. I’ve even had calls from the authorities as he’s taken groups of innocent newbies into go slow zones and often without any idea where he is or what he’s doing.

I’ve met him a couple of times and he attended a workshop with the AJSA once (but didn’t seem to have the comprehension you’d expect from an adult) as none of it gets practiced that we've seen.

Consequently we’ve never taken any notice of him.

His encouragement of people riding dangerously close to each other despite the known stats, producing videos of riders without a life jacket, riding up a bank and thinking it’s cool just aren’t our style.

He is in all aspects most likely propagating the exact behavior we'd prefer removed from our culture.

Most importantly his personal career choice is not that of someone we want anything to do with.

Nevertheless we’ll chuck him at a magistrate and see if they can shake any coin out of him to cover the waste of time to repudiate his lies.

Stand by for the next edition of Jet Skiing Days of our lives: THE QUEEN v JEFF CHRISTENSEN (Christensen was or is his last name).

If you can't wait just google it. I'm not sure but I think the middle name was/is soberg or something.

PS Jeff, An apology and full retraction gets you everywhere in this case! After that it all goes away fool as we’d prefer to never see nor hear from you again if possible.

Despite the fact that you hate it we will of course continue to represent all jet skiers in our community to keep our waterways open to us - even those working against the greater good like yourself.

I almost forgot,

Warren Leighton is almost as much as fool.

The fuel jugs we use are the safest way to carry fuel. They have an enormous break strength and require a special tool to open once inside the fuel filler pipe. They have never come undone (again covered in detail in Jet Ski Best Practices) and SEADOO have adopted a similar set up without need for the tool with their system.

Get some experience before you try to lead others astray. It's irresponsible to give advice when you have no experience.


Jet Ski Club

It appears that before his job selling second hand gear on Gumtree it was all marijuana and methamphetamine's for Jeff.
To think some of his nearest and dearest have children with criminal records from becoming addicted to ice and joining the dealer fraternity. You have to wonder if these people can add up? Where do they think their kids became addicted???