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Jet Ski Club

The Jet Ski Club was established in 2008.

It exists to provide a united community voice on behalf of all Jet Skiers and enable the Jet Ski Community to share an informative resource that showcases the fun, safe and adventurous aspects of the Jet Ski Industry.

The mission is to connect the newcomers to the experts and to make it easy to find the business who can help them get it right. Fun, value and growing the sport into a recognised and respected recreational option of choice.

Post up your social rides and events or share questions and answers!

Remenber if you have a commercial interest in the Jet Ski Industry and would like to contribute to the industry's showcasing website you're welcome to contact us to discuss your ideas.

There's really only a couple of things to keep in mind;
Keep it fun & positive and we’re all going to have heaps of FUN as our sport grows. wh
Never under any circumstances will any unsociable/bullying be tolerated nor linking to any such material.

Jet Ski Club

We always welcome your feedback as this website is here for you, the Jet Skiing community.
If you have some ideas please drop us a line and let us know.

The website operates by direction of a committee formed of long standing, dedicated and experienced industry members.

Any questions should be posted on the website.

Jet Ski Club

Re: Jet Ski Club - PWC FUN - Website Information

We all love to see each others photos from their Jet Ski adventures. Please feel welcome to share as many as you like :)

When posting photos the best size is around 800 wide x 600 high.

For youtube videos just post the link you get when you click share on You Tube.