Lap of Bribie

C. Strong

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Hi Everyone, Just looking for any advice we can get from riders with a bit of local knowledge... A mate and I are taking our skis to Caloundra this Saturday to hopefully do a lap of Bribie (we're from Toowoomba QLD).

We plan to launch at Caloundra and head down the passage toward Bribie whilst the tide is high. High tide is around 7.30am at Caloundra Saturday morning and I think we'll be leaving the ramp about then.

We'll return to Caloundra via the ocean side of Bribie completing the full lap. I believe it's about 87km return trip and we'll only be doing the trip if the weather is good.

We are both riding Seadoo GTI 130's and will each have one passenger.

Neither of us are "newbies" as far as owning/driving skis however we've never done the trip before.

Anyone got anything they can add? I believe it gets really shallow in one point... Is this around Roy's? Think the tide will be ok by the time we reach the shallow parts?

Hungry Stu

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Pumicstone passage is a great trip. Its all about the tide and depth of water. From Roy's Rd south is the narrow/shallow section. Here's a couple of tips

Caloundra to Bongaree is a casual 1hr trip taking in the sights. Have a good look at the Pumicstone beacon to beacon.

The high tide travels south down the passage. Which is great for a southern trip, but if the outside is too rough and you have to go back up the passage, you can run out of water a lot faster than you think.

Have a plan for the weather to be rough and you have to turn around at Red Beach. What does the tide look like going back up the passage? You want at least 1m at the Narrows else you are pushing in mud.

Stick to the beacons, even at high tide. They zig zag ALOT. So your next beacon may not be straight ahead but rather way over to your left or right and may even be behind your current position.

Plenty of picnic spots along the way, with nice beaches to park up the ski for a snack and a break.

Going around the outside is great, but its a long way and can be quite choppy. At the south western point of Bribie is the "Washing Machine" where the bay flow and the ocean flow meeting. The chop and waves are amplified for about 50-100m. Once you get around this you'll have a good indication of what the outside wave action is going to be like.

Crossing the bar back into Caloundra is fun. You'll be crossing on an outgoing tide, which is not ideal, but if your sensible, then it should not be a problem. Just sit and watch for a while. If you're nervous, sit in between two waves and pace to the set. You can always head back out and in, and out and in, and out and in for fun once you've got the confidence.

Watch the 6knot zone, just inside the passage, as you round the corner. Again, really stick to the beacons.

I hope the weather is good for you, have fun. Stu

C. Strong

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It was great Stu. Launched at Bells Ck, went down to Bribie first then back to Caloundra via the ocean side. Was a little rough on the ocean side but not too bad. Sat between 40 to 50kph most of the time.
Had lunch at the fish & chip shop near the boardwalk.
Did 88km in total but that includes a bit of a cruise up one of the Mariners.
Used about 35lt of fuel for the trip.
Sat right on the markers and didn't have any trouble with depth, does get quite shallow though hey...
I'll do the trip again, perhaps reverse next time.

Thanks for your help.