Media Release 30th April '15 - Marine Action Group

Jet Ski Club

Marine Action Group President and former Mayoral candidate Keith Douglas has welcomed the decision by the Queensland State Labor Government to rule out development on Wavebreak Island.

Mr. Douglas stated “if proper public consultation had been carried out and if existing technical information sitting in the Gold Coast City Council archives had have been properly reviewed, a cruise ship terminal in the Broadwater would never have been proposed and everybody would have been financially better off – ratepayers and developers whose time and money has been wasted.

“Boating destinations are vital to the future of the boating industry and Wavebreak Island is one of the most popular areas on the Gold Coast for boaties and residents alike.”

Member of the Qld Boating Council, Administrator of the Jet Ski Club and Vice President of MAG, Mandy Brown said “we are the luckiest people in the country with such a fabulous marine playground and now we can say our luck really is in with Wavebreak being saved from destruction by people with no interest in the key elements of our lifestyle.

“The Broadwater is a unique and valuable asset and attracts visitors from all over the world with Wavebreak Island an essential part of its enjoyment.”

Mr. Douglas said “Gold Coast City Council is developing a reputation for being anti-boating after its arrogant handling of the Tipplers debacle, questionable demands that are being placed on boat clubs in relation to their lease renewals on South Stradbroke Island and a lack of understanding as to how important Wavebreak Island is to the community.

“There are many opportunities for development but these should not be supported where there is a benefit for one section of the community at a cost and disadvantage to another. The mistake the Council made with the Wavebreak fiasco is that it did not consult beforehand and that is simply bad government.



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Congratulations to everyone that fought this issue great result.

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This is such a great result awsm... but beware .... developers are like crocs cr0k they are still there just laying in wait for the next opportunity to have another go at you... stay vigilant