Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle calls for Jet Ski ban

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Last week, as most of you know, there was an uproar regarding the banning of Jet Skis in the Pumicistone Passage

We ignored this and stayed away from it as it was clear that the Member for Caloundra Mark McArdle (a former solicitor) was making a last minute desperate bid for votes. We didn’t want to add any weight to his pitiful campaign to assist with this.

The article published in the Sunshine Coast Daily is also in no way, going to decide the outcome of this ridiculous idea of his so it too isn’t worth giving traffic towards.

Here are the facts;

Mark was quite rightly concerned about his re-election as there was almost a 20% swing away from him. It turns out he has done little for the local electorate (in their judgment).

I see this week’s headline from Mark is him "demanding answers from his own party as to why they made a mess of their campaign"!
Perhaps (and I guess this may come as a surprise to Mark) YOU made a mess of your own campaign.

Regretfully, Mark has just held his seat so we will now present him with some embarrassing facts he didn’t research before his desperate vote grabbing headline.

Jet Skis have recently been certified by Marine Biologists to be far less damaging to the environment than Boats in Pumicestone Passage.
Several rescue organisations in the area are currently introducing them into their squads as they are able to get to places that the Boats can’t go and save more lives.

Skis have no prop so they can’t strike. All the marine life damage last year was from propeller strike.
Interestingly they have also been certified to refuel on the water now as they are considered easier and safer than a boat to refuel.
They are greener as they use less fuel than Boats. These days they are quieter than most Boats too.

Undeniably there is a hoon element occasionally present on a Jet Ski. These people usually do burnouts in the street too but we don’t ban Cars.
This is an issue for enforcement and education.

The electorate of Caloundra receives a sizeable chunk of proceeds from the registration money paid for Jet Skis and their Trailers in the area.
A small proportion of that could be invested in extra education and reinforcement within the problem areas. This would remove the element immediately.

If one law enforcement vessel was located in the problem areas during the high traffic areas in the hot summer months on the weekend this element would disappear.
Perhaps Mark could campaign on law enforcement improvements?

The same tactic is applied in all areas of society requiring better enforcement on roads, nightclub areas, sporting events, so why not on the water at peak times?

So Mark, check your facts as your researcher has made you look very ordinary and incompetent indeed.

We were there a few weeks ago and the locals loved seeing all the Skis. Many stopped us for a chat on the beach.

I think it would be better for Caloundra if Mark were to get touch with his electorate or this probably is his last term I’d guess.
We’re not going to allow his lies and ignorance to fuel what the great people of this industry have worked so hard to set straight for years.

In summary if Mark thinks the Wavebreak Island asset was difficult to steal he's seen nothing yet. If they try taking the Pumicestone passage public asset from the Jet Skiers that was just a warm up.

We have every right to enjoy this waterway along with everyone else and there is not one statistic to support the attention grabbing act for votes.

Taking from one group in our society to get votes from another is bad government and will show in the polling booth. Queenslander are taking back control of loose cannon government.



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Well said Mandy. Grab your spare life jacket and take mark for a ride with the group he will have his opinion changed immediately.

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Here we go again. Another publicity stunt from a politician. Obviously his electorate doesn't have bigger problems. Good to know.


Jetskiers. Species evolved.
Dirk and I ride through there reasonably frequently. I would say that of all the waterways I have ridden, boaties and jetties behave pretty well in the bribie passage better than any other.

Its worth noting that the shallows where the wading birds do their wading are now observed by a fixed camera, so perhaps some of the hoons have been weeded out by that.

Just on the subject of pumicestone passage, there are now exposed sand banks in the marked channel at half tide in some places. as always, navigate with care and take a wide sweep on the bends in the channel. mk007

David Manion

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How about this:
Lets ban all vessels with a turning blade under the hull turning at more than 200 rpm and travelling over 6 knots the ones that chop into marine life (boats)!
Mark McArdle, what a noodle he is!
While he is at it he might as well tackle banning shipping lanes striking whales.

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