Next Stage Wavebreak Community Engagement and Consultation Underway

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The Wavebreak Island development is now gone to a survey at

They have changed the name from th ASF Consortium to the Gold Coast Integrated Resort and Cruise Ship Terminal.

However make no mistake this remains a project to provide a tourist destination for Chinese tourists to come to Australia and remain isolated from the mainland.

It will be purpose built to allow a stay with no interaction off the development.

They don't want to put the development at Southport where there is abundant undeveloped wasteland because they cant keep us out of the precinct there.

The claimed jobs are all casual labour that will need to be filled by Chinese speaking people so the jobs aren't coming here. They will be a reason to allow more foreign workers.

It remains unlikely that there will be a Cruise Ship Terminal this is a smoke screen to get a Casino built.

We will lose our destination Wavebreak Island for nothing more than on off shore interest in Australia.

We will lose the entire Grand Ramp and Harley Park area. No more Fish n Chips on the water.

No more taking shelter in calm waters on windy days in Summer.

No more beautiful natural environment to look at on the Broadwater.

We lose all of it and get absolutely nothing in return for it. I'm sure there are some that will benefit hugely from this but I don't think any on the Gold Coast Waterways users will get anything at all.

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Greywater could be the 'scum of the Broadwater'. A Gold Coast boat industry engineer suggested that greywater is worse for the environment than raw sewage in relation to degrading water quality and destroying marine habitat and fish stocks.

International cruise industry expert, Prof. Ross Klein, states that there is no legal impediment to cruise ships discharging greywater in ports throughout the world and therefore in our Broadwater if we are silly enough to allow the construction of a cruise terminal to proceed.

However, in our opinion, the real scum of the Broadwater are the four pillars of moral bankruptcy on which recent development proposals are based:
•Gambling Debts


•Misconduct and Corruption

•'Theft' of Public Open Space

Gambling Debts
No element of the current cruise terminal proposal is achievable without the income generated by a casino licence. A recent (15th Sept. 2014) ABC Four Corners episode, "High Rollers, High Risks",

revealed how middle-class Chinese residents are targeted with gambling 'Junkets' for 'debt recovery' by crime gangs in China as an integral part of the casino equation.

The Weekend Australian article, "Queensland ready to roll dice again on casino bids",

reveals it is the norm in Macau for casinos to pay 40% commission to Junket operators to bring in the gamblers.

Chinese travellers are limited in the amount of currency they can take out of their country making them victims of gambling debts incurred on credit with the recovery of those debts allegedly enforced by stand-over tactics by criminal gangs within China.

Is this the misery we want for visitors to our beautiful Broadwater - or shall we preserve the Broadwater for day-trippers and locals who currently enjoy its natural assets and the huge economic benefits derived from local tourism and recreational businesses currently operating in conjunction with the Broadwater's existing environs and wildlife?
The exploits of the largely foreign-flagged cruise ships utilising ports in Australia are revealed in the following article, based on insights from Prof. Ross Klein's recent public lectures on the Gold Coast:

"They [cruise companies] encourage Councils and Governments to gamble on constructing port infrastructure for their ships, at no cost to the cruise company, on the promise of 'build it and we will consider using it.'"

"Light-skinned employees generally earn more than darker-skinned employees as there are no national labour laws on cruise vessels”

"Most ships use low-grade bunker fuel with up to 300 times the sulphur content emitted in ports outside of the very few regulated ports in the world in California."

“Where there are laws associated with the behaviour of cruise vessels there are usually no authorities to enforce those laws.”
Misconduct and Corruption
SOSA, along with other groups, have lodged detailed complaints and evidence with misconduct, corruption and watchdog bodies like the CMC, Local Government Ombudsmen, Qld. Minister for Local Government, ASX, ASIC and ACCC regarding the lack of probity, lack of due process and the public advertising of false and misleading information in relation to development proposals by ASF (China) Group, in addition to the concealing of important ratepayer-funded Ecological and Economic reports by elements within the Gold Coast City Council.

The relationship between Mayor Tom Tate and Tony Hickey, demands attention because Hickey is Tate's personal business lawyer who accompanied Tate on his 2012 trip to China and was later announced as a spokesperson for ASF China, followed by his company 'Hickey Lawyers' being posted as a partner on ASF (China) Group's 'goldcoastevolution' website (pre-October 2014). This raises obvious concerns regarding 'conflicts of interest' which have been signalled to State Government authorities and the national media.
Given that Mayor Tate's lawyer is assisting ASF it raises the question of a conflict of interest. So how close are Hickey and Tate? The Hickey Lawyers website contains the following quote about Tony Hickey from Paradise magazine's "power ranking" from October 2012: "The legal eagle has seen his power stocks surge this year on the back of Mayor Tom Tate's election win. The two are close friends and Cnr Tate seeks regular counsel from Mr Hickey. The lawyer has also turned developer... [and] has extensive contacts in China."

Spitting Chips by Kirk Owers. TRACKS magazine, July 2014 - Issue 526
'Theft' of Public Open Space
An article, 'Grand Theft Land', which was first posted in November 2013 - was withdrawn by the Save Our Spit Alliance Inc in good faith until legal advice was obtained, following the receipt of a 'Concerns Notice - Defamation Act 2005' on 17th December 2013 from Hickey Lawyers on behalf of their client, Tony Hickey.

“As a not-for-profit, volunteer community organisation, SOSA welcomes the interest Mr Hickey has taken in our contribution to keeping the Gold Coast community fully informed of decisions being made by their Local Council and the State Government.

Mr Hickey has indicated his concerns with our concerns which now concern us. Therefore, the original article has been re-posted as 'Grand Theft Land 2' with additional details provided by Hickey Lawyers in a faster, more entertaining and more challenging version based on the videogame of similar title.

The full article 'Grand Theft Land' can be found at the following link:
In Summary
Get ready for the largest event in Gold Coast history, ignited by the four pillars of moral bankruptcy that underpin the potential loss of our Broadwater:
•Gambling Debts


•Misconduct and Corruption

•'Theft' of Public Open Space

Community, Business and Political opposition is growing exponentially in the fight against Mayor Tate's falsely claimed mandate to 'build a cruise ship terminal' that requires giving/leasing/selling up to 100 hectares of public parks, islands and waterways to a foreign consortium and the unquestioning support received from the Tate-8 Councillors, several GCCC officers and some elements within the LNP State Government.

GREYWATER - scum of the Broadwater – You know who you are!

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Hey everyone, we need you to take notice of what is happening to the Broadwater and moreso Wavebreak Island - read this latest rubbish from Gold Coast Integrated Resort and Cruise Ship Terminal aka ASF (we are from CHINA) Consortium:NEXT STAGE OF CONSULTATION FOR GOLD COAST INTEGRATED RESORT AND CRUISE SHIP TERMINAL UNDERWAY
The man that led the project team on behalf of all three levels of government for the planning, community engagement and procurement of the Gold Coast Light Rail project has been appointed Local Project Director for the Gold Coast Integrated Resort and Cruise Ship Terminal Project.
Tim Poole has over 20 years major projects experience in both Australia and overseas. He led the Gold Coast Light Rail project from 2006, achieving financial close with the successful consortium, GoldLinQ in 2011.

Since then, he has been involved in leading several city shaping projects in Sydney including the Central to Everleigh Urban Renewal project and the revitalisation of Newcastle’s city centre.

Tim and his team of dedicated local community engagement staff commenced the next stage of community consultation for the game-changing project on the Gold Coast this week. “The local team and I are focused on educating and engaging the community about the Project and establishing two-way communications to allow the community to provide ongoing input,” said Mr. Poole.

“Over the next six months and beyond, we will be out and about all over the Gold Coast talking to community members and groups.

“We want to hear your views on what legacies you would like the biggest tourism project in the city’s history to deliver for the Gold Coast,” he said.

One of the ways Gold Coasters can get involved is by completing the Community Benefit Survey online via the project website.

Just like the Light Rail project, Mr. Poole believes the Gold Coast Integrated Resort and Cruise Ship Terminal Project is an exciting opportunity for the city. “If approved, this Project can create over 12,000 new jobs, drive tourism growth and underpin a stronger local economy for decades to come,” said Mr. Poole.

Later this month a dedicated Project Information Centre will open in Southport and mobile Project Information Centers will begin operating at venues across the Gold Coast. Community workshops and consultations will also commence in the coming weeks that focus on key topics including environment, marine, maritime and urban planning including height and density discussions.

Interested members of the community can find out more, have their say and undertake the ‘Community Benefit Survey’ by visiting the newly updated project website at or calling our Project Information Line on 1800 483 261. (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)

October 7, 2014
Make sure you take the time to complete the survey in a way that you conve the correct message to these faceless people that Wavebreak is not for sale and there is ample land on Brisbane Road & Southport to build on, go and use that!
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We need to tackle the terminology they're using. It reads like it's a done deal and the public can have some input in how to shape it. Not sure where to complain or how to enforce a change in their engagement approach. But the current communication is misleading.

Gold Coast Light Rail project? Thanks for making me wait 10 minutes on an intersection several times because someone got the electrics wrong. Great job. wt Makes me looking forward to the next disaster.