Qld Boating Council Meeting 10.9.14


Fun First!
Last night a meeting was held at MSQ Marine Operations Base in Pinkeba. It was a great opportunity to see the Boating traffic control in operation.

The following points were the ones that have a jet Ski point of interest. Please feel welcome to discuss below or contact me directly.

* I have been asked to provide a report about the use of Colmslie Boat Ramp from a Jet Skiers prospective. This will undergo an upgrade in the future. Any input from users is appreciated. A public consultation will take place in October too.

* In the last few weeks many Jet Skis have been reported to be speeding along the Western face of Moreton Island in the "marine go slow" zone. This is the shoreline from around the Wrecks to the Gutter Bar. Some have been fined.
The reports have come from other users of the region and also from the waterway authorities.
Please know where these areas are. I have suggested some additional markers as we dont have the benefit of a navigation map in front of us while riding.
However the onus is on us to know!

* There was a survey of vessels using the broadwater conducted recently. Guess what, we now out number Boats at least by two to one!

The next meeting is on the 8th of October. Please feel free to discuss any of these issues or add your own either below for discussion or to me personally on the details below.
I will continue to report on each meeting as they occur.

Mandy Brown
m. 0449 077 747