QLD Boating Stats as of Feb 2015 - Wow we're growing!

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Please find attached the latest stats for Boating in Queensland produced by TMR

Wow we're up around 2000 registrations of PWC in Qld since last year

It's interesting that there are almost 22,000 registered Watercraft and 136,000 PWC licenses currently.

Just adding up those regos, licenses and trailers lovf We are such a valuable industry.

Now what do we need this year?

My first meeting back at the Boating Council is tonight so please let me know of any issues for PWC you'd like to see on the agenda.

I would like to see moorings for PWC in the Brisbane River at Southbank and the City. Riding PWC's to business meetings will ease congestion!




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Hi Mandy...some thoughts i had over a cf

1.I would ike to see better signage and far more regular policing of our boat ramps to deter/fine vehicles that do not have trailers attached and are parking in the dedicated car and boat trailer spaces. This includes even if they are passangers on boats that are launching. I witnessed several cars park at the grand ramp on our last trip to cook island and they just parked up and walked away either to the pub, beach, or wherever they were off to but certainly were not boating people and certainly did not have a boat or trailer attached.

2. More regular maintenance at all the current ramp pontoons located in SEQ to ensure they are clean, safe, and do not have any protruding sharp object to either hurt people or damage water craft. A council 24/7 phone number should be posted so people can report any issues immedaitely. These are important structures and need regular inspection to ensure they are safe and adequate for all users. I would suggest that a no fishing or bait catching (cast nets spread mud leaves& crap all over the place. A sign be erected with fines for those not obeying.

Cheers.... Mark


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Great stuff Mandy.
Possible topics might be PLB use for ski operators in offshore waters rather than EPIRB.

and The Pumicstone passage issues.


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I would be in favor to have boom gates on designated boat ramps (like, but not - govia) upto $1 & have trailer

Krazy Koika

Small beach area dedicated to pwc's for launch at boat ramps.

Boat awareness, somehow, a message to say that pwc's are here to stay and we have equal right to be at ramps and launch accordingly. Majority of boaties down south are soooo primitive, maybe its better in QLD.

Get rid of fish gutting tables at ramps. They stink.


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Please no pay per use ramps! As soon as the council get used to the extra cash, they'll hike the fee and do stuff all to improve the ramp.

I don't think we get good value for our rego currently even with the ramps being free.


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Jetskibuddy obviously was not at it's best to suggest boomgate fees al

I like Mark's idea. Could be easily resolved by displaying a hotline number, take a photo and ka-ching - money for the council.

For obvious reasons I fully support Koika ams1

Rivers and boatramps need some attention. I understand the fun of waterskiing. What I don't appreciate is the wash that causes my ski to jump out of the water.


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cr0k in a perfect world? howabout a $10 per year levy on the boat rego which is mandatorily quarantined for training. Every licence holder or recreational vessel owner has a refresher course every five years to update their skill and those who have need can have their attitudes 'adjusted'. mk007. imho what we see on the water and at the boat ramp, just about everytime we go out, comes down to attitude/education and enforcement or lack of. in a sport where a day out is $100 of high octane, a couple of bucks a week to make it safer and more enjoyable is loose change to pay.


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Very true. No offense meant to anyone.

Though you have to wonder where the money goes. I have just been looking at the online version of the Beacon to Beacon and it has a disclaimer:

"CAUTION: depth contours have not been re-surveyed in most areas since the 2011 and 2013 floods."

I just have my doubts as to whether paying the council/government more will actually achieve anything practical apart from more empty spin and broken promises.