Queen of Hearts Poker Run - Townsville Feb 6th 2016

Will you be attending the Townsville Poker Run?

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Jet Ski Club

Queen of Hearts Poker Run - Townsville Feb 6th 2016

This is going to be huge!

• February 6th from Townsville to Horseshoe Bay and Back

• Fundraising for MS while enjoying boats, family and the top ends waterways

• Briefing Pool Party at The Ville Casino

• Saturday Breakfast at Breakwater Marina

• Live band on a mega yacht at Horseshoe Bay

• Presentation Pool Party at The Ville Casino

• Kids under 13 FREE

What’s a POKER RUN?

• A moving game of poker in our boats, while fundraising money for MS

• Each crew receives 5 playing cards along their journey, and additional card can be bought, for a donation, to improve their hand. It’s not gambling, it’s fundraising.

• The best hand wins a stack of awesome prizes.

How does the QUEENsland OF HEARTS WORK?

• Go to www.greataustralianpokerrun.iwannaticket.com.au and get your entry

• We start on Friday night at The Ville Casino for the Briefing Pool party, and get your first card. You’ve got to be there to get your first card.

• On Saturday at about 9am, the Breakwater Marina will be serving breakfast from the marina. You can bring your boat/Ski and have breakfast on the water, in the protection of the marina.

• At around 10:30am we head towards Magnetic Island. There are two routes, one for small / ski / pleasure boats (WESTERN SIDE) and the other is for large / cruiser boats (EASTERN SIDE).

There will be a stop along the way for a card pick up.

• Halfway is Horseshoe Bay, where we will have a live band on the back of a mega yacht. You can raft-up or go into the beach to relax and enjoy the island for a couple of hours.

• At around 1:30pm, we all head back to the mainland. By this time you’ll have 4 cards.

• We will then head back to the Casino for the Poolside Presentation Party from about 4pm.

Small Boat Information (Up to 30 feet)

• Secure parking will be available at The Ville Casino from Friday afternoon. You’re welcome to bring your boat, on the trailer to the Poolside Briefing Party, and we will make sure it’s looked after overnight.

• Just launch your boat at about 8:30am on Saturday morning, and come to the Breakwater Marina. We will have heaps of space there for you to park up and
grab breakfast.

• Maybe bring some fenders for your boat/Ski so when we raft-up, you’ll be protected.

• You can ski some, none, or all of the way, and it’s not a race, so ski on whatever you like.

• Make sure that your boat, your crew, and your behavior is to MSQ standards and expectations.

• When we return to the mainland, you can pull your boat/Ski out, and park it at The Ville Casino secure parking for the evening, while you and your crew party around the pool with us.

Contact Information

• We know that this is a new concept, and that you might have questions. Just call Alex to find out what you need on 0418 400 077 or email

• For accommodation please contact The Ville Casino on 07 47 222 333

• For Marina information call the Breakwater Marina on 07 4721 2233

Please see the fact sheet attached for more info.

Please share the post to everyone. Lets show them what the members of the Jet Ski Industry are really like!



Jet Ski Club

Hi everyone,

I know it's late notice for this one but it looks really FUN!

If we head up to film the event for Jet Ski TV who would like to come along for a road trip?

We're still trying to work out the logistics but it looks like a straight through run up and a more leisurely run back.

The accommodation is brilliant and the Guys have agreed to put security in the private park full time so we don't have to worry.

If its of interest to you guys in Brisbane/Gold & Sunshine Coasts we may have ourselves a Jet Ski Convoy wh

For those of you who are lucky enough to already be up North, please support this event so it can grow huge. It will be heaps of FUN!!!

btw, Entry is only $89.00 per person

Jet Ski Club


The water traffic management team is still short a few Skis to ride as they are flying up there.

Can anyone from up that way lend a Ski for the Day? Or even a Boat?

Please help if you can. Please share the post to everyone. Lets show them what the members of the Jet Ski Industry are really like!
Would love to go but from Hervey bay 1,160 km. About 13 hours 4 mins. Even more for you from Brisbane. cr0k