Water Safety Training 15 July Brisbane

Australian Jet Ski Assoc.

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Water Safety Team and social riders,

AJSA is running ride coordination training Sunday morning 15 July. We'll leave Colmslie boat ramp (Col Gardner Drive Morningside QLD) at 7:30am and hopefully over the river to Northshore Harbour (285 MacArthur Avenue Hamilton QLD) to run the training at the coffee shop if the tides up enough to safely land the skis on the adjacent beach. Okay to meet at either location.

We'll be running through the AJSA operating procedures, social riding best practices and ride clothing. Following the training we'll close the formal part of the day, and head for a social ride around 9am most likely over to the Tangalooma wrecks and back.

What to bring for the training: funds for the coffee / breakfast

Cost: Free to AJSA members. Not a member? Simply join us!

What to bring if joining for the social ride after:
1. Partial smooth waters safety gear
2. Food and drink
3. Warmer ride gear
4. 10-20L extra fuel just in case
5. Optional: comms equipment - VHF radio, BB Talkin

Coming along? please RSVP to ben@ajsa.org.au and we'll send a link to the training material notes and our contact details.

Look forward to seeing you there!


Fun First!
Looks like awesome fun, just need a longer weekend :)


Yes was a good morning Ben
Be good to follow up with more

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Fun First!
Hey looks like you had a fun day!

That coffee machine looks handy too awsm


Active Member
Another great day on the water

Thanks Ben, Nick and James

Hopefully my ski will be ready by friday to hit the water, for Saturday Morning rjs2