What are the good ramps to launch solo from?


Stephen & Giyeun
I'm looking for good ramps to launch solo from on the Southside of Brisbane, that have a bit of beach next to the ramp?

What ramps are most people using to journey to Tangalooma from, and what is the cruising time?


Fun First!
Great question.

I think most are really good and its easier to answer which ones are difficult.
Colmslie on the Brissy River is good but you have to tie up to the Jetty while you park. This is our preferred start point for Tangalooma.
Cleveland is ok with snad bags to pull up on but not at low tide when the rocks are up.
Wellington is a useless shocker on your own. It's all rocks and you have to launch, anchor off and then retrieve your Car etc. Manly is also a bit like this.
Jacobs Well is good. Keep heading South and most are very good. Howard street is a bit rough to retrieve sometimes.
Seaworld, The Grand and Paradise Point are my personal favs. Loaders Creek - VMR Southport is a bit littered with under sand rocks.
There are many through the Goldie but they are in loonnnng 6 knot zones
Carrumbin if full of aggressive paddle riders and surfers and has a very long 6 knot zone to the Bar
The Tweed has a few good options with Fingal Head and Norman Street.

I hope that helps. I must say that when I launch on my own any JetSkier in range usually tends to lend a hand minding Skis etc and I always do the same so you will be fine anywhere except Wellington :)

Come to Tangas with us tomorrow if you like. We all help each other launch when we're in a group.



Fun First!
We're going from Wellington tomorrow Dude.
Then we ride to Clontarf to meet the Northerners, then to Tangas.
After lunch we will ride directly back to Wellington Point.
You will need to carry around 15-20 litres on top of a full tank. If we went from the Goldie to Wellington then Clontarf, Tangas & back tpo the Goldie we would need a full refil :)

I hope we see you there. more info is here http://jetskiclub.com.au/b6/saturday-5th-tangalooma-ride/1985/msg18526;topicseen#new