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Who wants to see Jet Skis at the X Games? Open letter to the Jet Ski Industry!

Jet Ski TV

See you on Jet Ski TV!
Hi everyone,

Years ago we watched the X Games and thought wow, they need Jet Skis!
After many negotiations we now have the opportunity to show the world how awesome our sport is, in Australia, this October.
If you agree that Jet Skis should take their place on the world stage then we need your help!

Firstly we need sponsors. Yes, don’t we all Our minimum budget is $50k AUD to make the event happen. This is to cover a portion of the cost of putting the event on.
A promoter would be welcomed to run and maximise the event. We have the broadcasting agreements, Water Safety, event management and dedicated volunteers and the Police marching band (literally ) organised.
If you can help, if you know someone who can help, or have a suggestion please let us know so we can get this show on the road!

We have approached the manufacturers and big brands of our sport but haven’t had any luck yet so get out there and let them know they have to be there!!!.

We have had a great response of help from a leading performance parts manufacturer! This event will have such awesome coverage that it will be suitable for a very broad range of sponsorship.

There is an excellent selection of international & Australian racers who have already agreed to come and race. The racing format is undecided as we are hoping one of the racing brands (they have all been invited too) will come on board. The winners receive Gold Silver and Bronze medals and prize money.
The freeride will be a massive visual drawcard. We will invite riders once we have the funding secured.

Here are the facts we have so far. Once we achieve the minimum budget more details will be set!

X Games 2018

The X Games is an annual extreme sports event hosted, produced, and broadcasted by ESPN. Coverage is also shown on ESPN's sister network, ABC.

The inaugural X Games were held during the summer of 1995 in Newport, Rhode Island. Participants compete to win bronze, silver, and gold medals, as well as prize money. Competitions are held in Moto X, Mountain Bike, Skate Boarding and BMX.

5 years ago Jet Ski TV (as a major sponsor of the Australian Jet Ski Association) approached the X Games to have Jet Skiing included in the disciplines of Freeride and Racing.

After many discussions and statistical reports (of how fast our sport is growing woo hoo), we are finally invited to be a part of the games in an exhibition event when they come to Sydney this year! The event will run from Thursday the 18th through to Sunday the 21st of October ‘18

This is a significant step for our sport and will finally place Jet Skiing on the podium it deserves for coverage.

The estimated audience is as follows;

• Promos for the event would be on X Games social media - Facebook, Instagram, twitter plus website which has enormous traffic. Total socials are over 10 Million with the event also going live on socials.

• Sponsors will get tags on socials e.g. @jetskimanufacturer @energydrink and by the name of the events such as or "JetSkiIndustryBrand" Racing & Freeride Event.

• Sponsors will have billboards logos at the start of the production and at the end, as well as during the ad breaks. This will be the most significant exposure the sport has ever seen.

• The Jet Ski TV production will go live on ESPN - with an estimated 1.2million US audience and 7mate with 50,000 Australian viewers.

• Jet Ski TV will also produce a 30min special of the event on Big main channel ABC America with an audience of around 1.7million in the US. ESPN will also distribute this to other countries around the world – totals are unknown but extraordinary.

• Presentation of the X Games medals at the X Games in Sydney will be on the 19th of October and there will be interviews with the top placed riders live (across social and TV on ESPN). Interviewed riders will mention sponsors, wear gear and we will show clips of the event.

• Some of our Jet Skiing brands have crossover into motocross and wake which has a large following on X Games. Yamaha for example is Moto, Wake and JetSki.

• The X Games is the Olympics of extreme sports. This would be the first JetSki event with opportunities to hold it again in the US as part of X Games USA in June 2019.

• All "first on" sponsors will be given a priority for the next event and X Games Sydney will become an annual event too.

• In summary it will be impossible to beat this event to showcase your brand in our sport. You will also be a key contributor to our sport taking the next step in history to becoming what we all know it should be.

• The globally experienced team from the Australian Jet Ski Association will be enabling the event with permits, PLI and Water Safety.

The Opportunity

If you would like to be involved with your brand please let us know your expression of interest asap so we can discuss your options in detail.

We will be closing off the major options by mid April 2018 as preparations must be well underway by then.

C’mon all Jet Skiers! Let’s get our sport up to the top of the world where it should be with the 2018 X Games!!!!

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Fun First!
btw, Stirlo - well done on the weekend! Nice trophy. Wasn't it an awesome event br

Think theres some barrel rolls on the footage too wh


Fun First!
OK a few updates.

We have just under half the money we need. This has come from JetSki.XXX, JetSki TV and the wonderful team at RIVA.

Its a start but we are surprised at the very little interest from the manufacturers. It appears they have no interest in putting anything back into the industry at all.

We have an option to work with the IJSBA, AquaX and possibly Aqua Bike so discussions are continuing there. Our alternative is to run it under our own rules so a promoter such as these 3 will not be required unless they have something significant to contribute.

Our option on this event closes on April the 12th at midnight so we are going to try everything in the next few days to bring this event to Australia for Australians.

We also have a wonderful list of international riders from the highest level that have confirmed they will be here too.

If anyone has any ideas on where we can get a few more dollars to hold the event don't hesitate to let us know as we're running out of time!

The coverage is not only estimated at over 10 million but targeted directly at tomorrows Jet Ski racers and freeriders - young adults into extreme sports.
So there is no better opportunity for sponsors!

Lets all work together to get this happening and make sure our sport gets to the level it should be chr

Jet Ski Club

I thought I better do an update on this one.

Well only a couple of industry people came forward with offers of sponsorship sadly.

There were a few underachievers of the sport that were working against it by trolling that we were trying to take money for nothing. Of course there the same few that owe money everywhere themselves and have never had a real job and never achieved anything themselves without parental handouts cl

No prizes for guessing who but fortunately no one took any notice of them as usual.

The sad thing is that we were only ever going to enable the event and if they had behaved like a civilized promoter they could have run it.

We wanted it for the industry and would have enabled anyone that knew what they were doing to run it.

But anyway we will give it a go in 2019 if the X Games run again. We may even have the money to fund it it by then!

If anyone wants to be involved and think they can bring something to the event please let us know. This is for the industry as a whole.

I've averaged 50 hours a month in volunteer work for the sport over the last year, and work 7 days a week.
I do this because I love Jet Skis and I really love seeing newbies come into the sport and it change their lives for the better forever.
No one makes me do it but any help is much appreciated :)

btw, Thank you to Eman who worked tirelessly on the sponsors. She almost got us there and I'm sure she will next time if it runs again wh


Fun First!
Well weve just rebuilt Jet Ski Club and I came across this post.

I forgot to add that it was Lisa Barsby who was trolling around trying to get control of this event for herself.

After inviting her to discuss a JV I decided she was not a good partner in the event and ceased communications. Lisa contacted X Games on Facebook messenger which got her to an event manager named Lauren.
She asked Lauren about the Jet Skis and Lauren said she knew nothing about it.
This is because the event manager only knows what the producers tell her. As we didn't raise the cash needed to put the show on, the producers never told her about it.
The producers have since confirmed this with Lauren.

So Lisa Barsby, by all means troll your way around there again and ask Lauren if she received a confirmation email from the producers that this event was indeed going to happen if we'd raised the cash. - you desperate imbecile.

This would have been terrific for getting our sport on the map, you stupid fool.
Once you do confirm, you can ask your puppet Daz Keal to stop spreading your pathetic rubbish too. He may have the IQ of a 10 year old child but he is easily impressed with your lies and those of his convicted criminal friend - ice manufacturer & dealer criminal Jeff Christenson (aka Jeff Langford), who also shares an extraordinary low IQ and is well known to be extremely jealous of us with Jet Ski TV. When Jeff worked out we wern't going to associate with him he set about troling us too with anythinhg he could make up. Lisa certainly fuelled this along.
Daz used to say he was appalled at drug dealers but now takes instruction to let people race in 12inches of water. No responsible water patrol with any self respect would ever do that with peoples lives.

Well bad luck, I'm still here kids. I'm still working for the sport on every front and enjoying Jet Skiing now as much as ever.

Stay tuned for the next event announcement.